Another Death Knell for Sugary Drinks

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A recent wave of reporting has emphasized the negative effects of sugary drink consumption on health and its impact on the declining soda industry. A study has gone even further by demonstrating that consumption of these drinks may lead to around 184,000 adult deaths per year globally.

Using surveys, national data, and published evidence, researchers calculated the direct impact of soda consumption on diabetes, and the obesity related effects on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The results, while not surprising, are the first detailed global report on the impact of sugary drinks.  The researchers found that the global impact of sugary drinks fell heavily on low-or middle-income countries and younger adults.

The toll of sugary drink consumption falling on younger adults can have far-reaching economic consequences, especially for low-or middle-income countries. With young people composing a portion of the workforce in emerging economies, sugary drinks has the potential to negatively impact overall economic productivity and growth, and increase the burden on public health and welfare systems.

All of these consequences from drinks that we don’t need for survival. Continue the effort to reduce or eliminate sugary drinks from the diet by learning how you can increase access to healthy beverages in your community.

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