Fighting Chronic Disease: The Battle Starts at a Young Age

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By Amanda Li, Junior Policy Associate

Almost a third of New York adults are obese, and in 2030, New York is projected to have well over 16.3 million cases of obesity-related chronic health issues—that’s more than 80% of New York’s current population.

Since 2010, DASH-NY has been fighting to stop obesity and the diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, cancers, strokes, and other life-threatening diseases that come with it. One major issue that DASH-NY has chosen to tackle in this fight is childhood obesity.

Recently, the results of two new studies done in Denmark help confirm that DASH-NY’s effort to stop and reverse childhood obesity is a critical component to reducing adult obesity and its accompanying ailments. These two studies that were presented at the European Obesity Summit in June 2016 support the link between high BMI in childhood and an elevated risk of colon cancer/early stroke in adulthood.

In light of these recent findings, DASH-NY’s advocacy to prevent childhood obesity through the creation of Active Communities and Healthy Schools and Childcare have never been of greater importance.

DASH-NY is happy to announce that it will continue expanding its efforts to reduce childhood obesity by increasing physical activity and healthy eating among the state’s school-aged children. With a recent budget win of $7 million from the Environmental Protection Fund, DASH-NY will continue to promote the mission of Active Communities by expanding access to outdoor recreation and creating policies to allow the sharing of school facilities for after school activities. The $7 million grant will also promote physical activity amongst New York’s children by supporting two programs: Connecting Kids to Parks by providing 4th graders with free access to NYS parks, and allowing Title 1 schools to apply for free transportation to parks.

DASH-NY’s work does not end there. Additionally, the coalition was granted a total of $350,000 to help increase funding to the state’s Farm to School program. DASH-NY will leverage these funds to help promote healthy eating amongst school children by improving the procurement of healthy, fresh, and locally produced foods in public schools.

These budget wins and DASH-NY’s continued efforts will bring us one step closer to fighting childhood obesity and its life-long damaging effects that come with it. DASH-NY will continue working alongside its Coalition members to initiate policy and promote interventions that will give us a head way in this battle against chronic disease.




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