Place Based Approaches to Health Disparities Learning Collaborative

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By Amanda Li, B.A., Junior Policy Associate

Did you know:

  • That African Americans represent 43% of New York State’s AIDS cases, even though they make up only 14% of New York’s total population?
  • That Asian Americans are three times more likely to have liver cancer than non-Hispanic Whites?
  • That over a third of Hispanics in the country do not have health insurance?
  • That people living in the more rural parts of New York are more likely to suffer from a chronic illness?
  • That people of lower socio-economic status are more likely to experience poor health outcomes because of factors like living in environmentally poor conditions?

Health disparities are undeniably a major issue that our country and our state face. Not only do health disparities negatively impact the health and well-being of people who face them, but they also lead to unnecessary costs and hinder healthcare improvements for the population at large. With over 40% of New York belonging to a racial or ethnic group, and the population becoming increasingly more diverse, health disparities present an issue that cannot be ignored. Fortunately, one of the goals of New York State’s Prevention Agenda 2013-2018 is “to reduce health disparities for racial, ethnic, disability, and low socioeconomic groups, as well as other populations who experience them.

How can you or your organization help address the health disparities in your community? Please join the Advancing Prevention Project on April 24, 2017 from 1:30-3:00 pm for our Place Based Approaches to Health Disparities Kick-Off Webinar to find out more. During this webinar, you will not only learn about health disparities in the context of New York State and our Prevention Agenda, but you will also hear from experts about how to leverage place-based approaches to address health disparities. Place-based approaches involve creating environments that are health-promoting, like parks, safe places for walking and biking, well-maintained homes, environmental protection, and grocery stores that sell healthy, affordable food. There is currently growing momentum around the idea that place-based approaches are required to address health disparities and build healthy, equitable communities.

We hope that the kick-off webinar will serve as an effective starting point for a productive learning collaborative around this issue, where participants have the opportunity to discuss, share, and partner with others across New York State to promote place-based initiatives and reduce health disparities in our communities.

Our expert speakers who will be presenting on this webinar include:

  • Margaret Casey, RN, MPH, Director, Bureau of Community Chronic Disease Prevention, New York State Department of Health
  • Kristen Pergolino, Deputy Director, Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities Prevention, New York State Department of Health
  • Harrison Moss, MPH, Director, State Partnership Initiative, New York State Department of Health
  • Jamie Konkoski, Program Manager, North Country Healthy Heart Network
  • Marie Dynes, LCSWR, Coordinator, Prevention Services, Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health
  • Kathy Mogle, MS, Program Coordinator, Onondaga Health Department

The panel will be moderated by Kimberly Libman, PhD, MPH, director of the Prevention and Community Development team at The New York Academy of Medicine.

Please register here by April 23, 2017 if you are interested in attending! We look forward to seeing you on April 24th.

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