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You may have missed it with all the holiday madness, but the New York City salt label warnings went into effect on December 1st.   That means the next time you pick up a fast food restaurant menu, items containing more than 2300 mg of sodium (a high level of salt) will be labeled with the salt shaker icon.  This measure has been praised by public health experts as a step towards reducing our high sodium intake and increasing transparency about the amount of salt in our food. As the first city to pass this policy, New York City is leading the way towards creating healthier lives.

It’s all good and well to warn people about salt content, but what remains unclear is what the true impact of the warning will be for health. Our colleagues in the Academy’s Center for Health Innovation took steps to try and answer this question using computer simulations. They found that if the warning label nudged people towards reducing the  salt in their diets, there would be substantial health benefits, including increased longevity, and health care savings.

Congratulations to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for helping New Yorkers lead healthier lives. Read more about the research!

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